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The History of Ancient Israel: Completely Synchronizing the Extra-Biblical Apocrypha Books of Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees

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The Minister 2 Others music was produced under the label Notable Praise. The music and lyrics on the following CDs were written and sung by Ahava L – save Psalm 119, which she merely interpreted into music, and Moses’ Song which is her rendition of Deuteronomy 32. Ahava’s sweet, southern sound is gently expressed throughout these inspirational songs.

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Whether you’re cross-referencing ancient manuscripts or learning the biblical Hebrew language, making study fun and inspiring is one of the things Minister 2 Others seeks to help you with.

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Here are a couple of items that make great gifts for your loved ones who are studying or would like to learn the Hebrew Alef-Bet ( Biblical Alphabet ).

The Alef-Bet Playing Cards
The Alef-Bet Flashcards

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