Activity and Workbooks

Minister 2 Others has created several activity and workbooks to help you on your journey.

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My Hebrew Writing Tablet
helps you to practice writing
the Hebrew Alef-Bet in
Pictograh, Paleo, Modern,
and Script formats
The Alef-Bet Activity Book
gives readers an enjoyable experience with the Hebrew letters, the vowels, and the various formats.
The One True God and the Plagues of Egypt
is the coloring book edition
of the picture book
by the same title
The Art of Feeling
is for those who like to draw
Paper Feelings
is for those who are tactile
The Write Feelings
is for those who like to write

The three “Feelings” books above are compilations of guided exercises to help one more easily move from the onslaught of negativity to a more positive outlook. These are designed to be employed by adults who are hoping to help a child through the process, or by teens or adults who would like to help themselves. By going through the exercises in the books, one can begin to train oneself, or one’s children, to develop a proactive stance where it comes to emotions.