Alef-Bet Playing Cards

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The Hebrew Alef~Bet Playing Cards use the Hebrew alphabet and its various forms for the different suits.

These cards were designed to help others learn the various forms of the Hebrew Alef-Bet in a fun and relaxing way. The cards can be used in place of regular playing cards for playing your favorite card games such as UNO, Gin Rummy, or even Solitaire.

The four-letter variations and colors represent different suits. So instead of hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, the Hebrew Alef~Bet Playing Cards have Pictograph, Paleo, Modern, and Script Hebrew fonts.

These cards alone can take the place of a regular deck of cards for playing your favorite card games such as Gin Rummy or War.

Knowledge of the Hebrew Alef-Bet is not necessary in order to enjoy these cards because all the info needed, and more is on each card!

There are also extra cards in the deck – Shabbat (for skip or rest), T’shuvah (for reverse or turn around), Take 2, Take 4, and Alef-Tav wild cards. These additional cards allow for Uno type games to be played.

This is a good quality, entertaining, and educational deck of cards that is very versatile! We even replaced the cards in our “Sorry” board game with these – instead of counting as we move the game piece around the board, we say the Alef~Bet!

“OH, I LOVEEE IT!!! I am just starting to learn the alef-bet and these cards are SUPER-DUPER helpful!”
– Etsy Review