Reading to Learn Hebrew

The “Reading to Learn Hebrew” method has a focus on Biblical Hebrew. The concept is to slowly replace the English with Hebrew so folks learn the Hebrew more naturally by easily assimilating the Hebrew letters and words into their knowledge base.

The Progressive Alef-Bet has a focus on the phonetics of the letters and the vowels, teaching these through Psalm 119.

The Progressive Torah set is an English-based translation of the Scriptures that progressively restores more and more of the original Hebrew.

By focusing on Reading the Scriptures, Hebrew can be more easily digested. Much the same way lots of folks have learned what “Shalom” means or “Elohim” — from exposure – not intense study.

To date, The Progressive Torah set includes Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus. These books are available in Black & White or Color editions. (The color editions color code the vocabulary words.)